10 Pilates Ring Exercises For A Lean Body

If you are looking to tone your body, this is the right place. Especially if you have been practicing Pilates on a daily basis. What I would like to show you are new exercises you can do while incorporating Pilates with a simple and accesible equipment.

Thus, this is an inexpensive and easy equipment you can use to transform your body to the next level. You also won’t be putting a lot of effort because, with a Pilates ring, you tone isolated group of muscles. Here you have it, the Pilates Ring also called the Magic Circle. You can use this to tone your shoulders, arms, strengthen your abs and sculpt your legs.

It is basically a total body workout equipment you can use while doing Pilates. Check out these 10 intense exercises with Pilates ring for a full workout to tone your body.

1. Standing Single Arm Press

Image Credits: Standing Single Arm Press

Stand tall and place the circle at your side with the cushioned section pressing against your right hip.
Press into the other side with your right hand.
Place your right heel in front of the left and press your legs together
Make sure you keep you core firm while pressing the circle in.
Do 15 reps of controlled pulses.
Switch sides to work your other arm too.

2. Chest Press

Image Credits: Chest Press

3. Shoulder Extension Tricep Press

Image Credits: Shoulder Extension Tricep Press

Stand straight.
Squeeze your inner thighs and glutes together.
Bring the circle behind you.
Holding onto the cushioned section, give a slight squeeze in and hold while lifting the circle up behind you.
Keep your core firm.
Press your arms behind you and guide them back to your starting point.
Complete 15 reps of pulses.

4. Sitting Lateral Arms Press

Image Credits: Sitting Lateral Arms Press

Take a seating position with your knees bent.
Hold the ring from the cushioned sides.
Then, easily press while moving onto your left side.
Hold the pose 2 seconds and then move into the opposite side.
Complete 10 pulses for each side.

5. Clamshells With A Pilates Ring

Image Credits: Clamshells with a Pilates Ring

Lie on your side, with legs stacked and knees bent at a 45-degree angle.
Place the Pilates ring between your knees.
Rest your head on your lower arm, and use your top arm to steady your body.
Keep your abs firm.
Keeping your feet touching, press the raised knee inside.
Complete 15 pulses and then switch and repeat on your other knee.

6. Side-Lying Shoulder Press

Image Credits: Side-Lying Shoulder Press

Lie on your side with your knees bent.
Use your bottom hand to support your head and top hip stacked over the bottom hip.
Reach your top arm out in front of you with your hand placed on the cushioned section of the circle.
Without rolling forward or back, fire up your arms and press down on the circle.
Try to make it into an oval shape.
Then, bring the circle back up to your starting position.
Complete 15 pulses and then repeat on the other side.

7. Swan Extension Press

Image Credits: Swan Extension Press

Lie on your belly.
Place both hands on top of the cushioned section of the circle.
Pulling your core up and into your back, start to lift your chest while pressing down onto the circle.
Keep your shoulders down and back and reach your neck long.
Hold for 2 seconds and then return back down to the mat.
Complete 10 presses.

8. Side Leg Press

Image Credits: Side Leg Press

9. Overhead Arms Press

Image Credits: Overhead Arms Press

Keep the same shape with your arms.
Then bring the arms overhead as if it were a halo.
Relax your shoulders.
Keep a slight bend in your elbows as you press into the ring.
Make that oval shape again and then release with control.
Make sure you don’t tense up through your neck too much!
Complete 15 pulses.

10. Bicep Press

Image Credits: Bicep Press

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
Place the ring on your shoulder and hold it with your palm.
Keep your elbow out to the side.
Press down on the circle, pause for 3 seconds and release in control.
Repeat 12 times and switch sides.

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