10 Therapeutic Exercises To Ease That Horrible Shoulder Pain

Are you merely moving the shoulder because of that terrifying pain? Doesn’t matter the reason, it’s important for the pain to go right away!

Yes, you can apply ice immediately to get rid of the pain, but you have to get yourself together and try to move it slowly, following the next exercise.

So, before getting into action, you must know that these exercises are easy to perform and without any equipment needed. Both women and men can perform these exercises and I can tell from my own experience that right after the first set, you will feel a quick relief! But don’t stop…keep performing each exercise, otherwise the pain may re-appear!

Shoulder Blades Forwards Against Wall

Image Credits: Shoulder Blades Forwards Against Wall

Stand tall with your back and neck straight.
Keep your hands against the wall and keep the elbows straight.
Now, bend slightly towards the wall you face. During the process, ensure your back doesn’t bend. Keep it straight.
Bring your shoulder blades forward. Stay in this position for 5 seconds. Go back to your normal standing position. Repeat the process 10 times.

Shoulder Blade Shrug

Image Credits: Shoulder Blade Shrug

Here, you have to stand tall with your neck and back straight.
Keep your arms on your sides, slightly away from your body. Ensure the palms face forward.
Now, elevate your one shoulder blade towards your ear. Hold for 5 seconds and then drop the shoulder. Repeat the process for the other shoulder. Complete a count of 10 on each side.

Shoulder Blade Squeeze

Image Credits: Shoulder Blade Squeeze

Keep your chin tucked in.
Now, squeeze the shoulder blades together. Don’t overdo it or you might have pain.
Hold the position for 5 seconds before your release the shoulder blades back to the normal position. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

Resistance Band External Rotation

Image Credits: Resistance Band External Rotation

In this exercise, you have to stand keeping your back straight.
Keep your shoulder blades back.
Hold a resistance band in your left hand. The other end of the band should be tied to a movable object.
Keep your right hand on your waist.
Bend the left elbow to 90 degrees.
Now, move your left hand away from your body such that the band you are holding stretches. Repeat the process 10 times. After completing the first set, perform the exercise again for 2 more times.

Resistance Band Internal Rotation

Image Credits: Resistance Band Internal Rotation

Stand with your back straight and shoulder blades thrown back, and hold the resistance band in your right hand.
This time, instead of pulling the band away from your body, pull it towards your body (toward left).
Repeat the exercise 3 times, with each set having10 reps.

Static Rotator Cut Off Contraction

Image Credits: Static Rotator Cut Off Contraction

Start the exercise by standing tall with your neck straight.
Keep your right elbow at 90 degrees.
Bring your left hand towards the right.
Now, push your right hand away from your body, against the left hand’s resistance.
Maintain the position for 5 seconds.
Repeat 10 times on each arm.

Resistance Band Pull Backs

Image Credits: Resistance Band Pull Backs

Either stand or kneel down with your back straight.
Hold a resistance band in both your hands.
Now, pull your arms backwards, squeeze your shoulder blades together and hold the posture for 2 seconds.
Repeat the exercise 3 times, each set having a count of 10 repetitions.

Hand Behind Neck

Image Credits: Hand Behind Neck

Put your hand behind your neck.
The position should be such that the elbow is out to the side.
Take your elbow high such that it rises above the shoulder line. Repeat the process for both hands.

Lateral Raises

Image Credits: Lateral Raises

Stand with your arms at your side.
Keep your elbows down straight with fists closed and thumbs out.
Now raise the hands up to ensure they match your shoulder level. Don’t raise the hands above the shoulder level.
Now, hold on for a second and slowly bring down both your hands.

Prone Horizontal Abduction

Image Credits: Prone Horizontal Abduction

Lie down with your face on the bed and let the weak shoulder hang freely.
Ensure your fists are closed, with the thumbs out.
Now, take this hand away from your body to match the shoulder’s height. Hold for a second or two and then gently lower your arm. Ensure your arm doesn’t rise higher than the shoulder’s length.

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