4 Easy Yoga Exercises To Relieve Lower Back Pain

Maybe you’ve been resting, hoping the back pain just needs time to heal. But most doctors now encourage low back pain sufferers to get active and move their backs and related muscles as a better pain relief treatment.

These 4 easy yoga hip stretches and lower-back stretches can help strengthen your hips and relieve back pain.

Lying Knee Twist

– Lie on your back with your legs extended straight out.
– Bend the right knee up and cross it over the left side of your body. Hold in a position that allows you to feel a gentle stretch through the back and buttocks muscles for 20 seconds.
– Tighten your core muscles and rotate back to center.
– Repeat three times on each side.

Partial Crunches

– Lie back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor.
– Put your hands behind your head.
– While keeping your stomach muscles tight, raise your shoulders from the floor.
– As you raise your shoulders, breathe out. Resist the temptation to lead with your elbows or pull your neck off the floor with your arms.
– Hold for one second, then slowly lower yourself back down to the floor.
– Repeat with between eight and 12 repetitions.

Cobra Stretch

– Start by lying on your stomach with your legs extended and with palms planted on either side of your head with your forearms and elbows flat on the ground.
– Slowly, push your body upwards, so your weight is resting on your forearms. Be sure to keep your hips on the ground.
– Once you reach a comfortable position that gently stretches your abdominal muscles and lower back, hold for 10 seconds.
– Slowly return to starting position and repeat five times.
– If you have more flexibility in your lower back, try straightening your arms.

Hip Lifts

– You need to do is to lie on the yoga mat with your legs raise upwards and your arms at your sides leaning on the ground.
– Point your toes and raise your hips 2 inches above the floor; then lower them.
– Repeat this hip lift 8 times slowly.
– Once you are comfortable with this then do this 16 times faster.

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