4 Quick And Easy Exercises For Upper Back Pain Relief

Experiencing pain in the neck and should is the main cause for headaches. Sitting in the same position, stress causes tension in the upper back and the tension may go up to your neck, and installing somewhere in your head, causing a terrible headache. Well, these are the days we are living on, better said stressy days.

I went one for a massage and the masseuse told me that my upper back is hard as a rock. I know I feel it this way, and it hurts pretty badly. After she listed me a series of factors responsible for such pain, she insisted in adding the main factor: stress. Also, she mentioned that all our worries are gathered in the upper back! So, first of all we have to get rid of that overthinking because it’s useless.

But, until then the pain will still last and we have to do something in getting rid of it. So, whenever you experience any type of upper back pain, just try these super-easy exercises and you will get rid of it. At least, you will release tension accumulated in that particular area.

Neck Rolls

Image Credits: Neck Rolls

1. Begin by sitting upright, relaxing your shoulders, and placing your hands on your lap.
2. Carefully lean your right ear over your right shoulder.
3. Slowly move your chin down and let it drop toward your chest while keeping your back straight.
4. Bring your head up until your left ear is over your left shoulder.
5. Gently roll your head back and around to your right shoulder once more.
6. Even out the rhythm, keep your breathing calm and smooth, and repeat five to 10 times in each direction.

Shoulder Shrugs

Image Credits: Shoulder Shrugs

1. Think of these as something akin to pushups for your shoulders.
2. With your feet flat on the ground, straighten your back and allow your arms to hang down at your sides.
3. Inhale and hold your breath while bringing your shoulders straight up as high as possible, then squeeze them tight for about two seconds.
4. Breathe out and just let your arms drop back down.
5. Do about eight to 10 shrugs per set.

Shoulder Rolls

Image Credits: Shoulder Rolls

1. This one starts out like a shoulder shrug. But after pulling your shoulders up to your ears, move them back and down in a circle.
2. Repeat the same movement in the forward direction as well. Five rolls both toward the back and front should do the trick.

Butterfly Wings

Image Credits: Butterfly Wings

1. This stretch makes a nice compliment to neck rolls and helps to strengthen the rhomboid and pectoral muscles.
2. Sit up straight and touch your fingertips to your shoulders with your elbows pointed out to the side.
3. Keeping your fingers in place, exhale and slowly pull your elbows together in front of you until they touch.
4. Breathe in and allow your arms move to their original position.

Image Credits: Bodybuildingestore

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