5 Delicious Ab-Friendly Burgers

Summer season and grilling go hand-in-hand, but if you don’t want to pack on any extra pounds, or risk ruining your hard work with a greasy, cheesy burger, then check out these delicious burger alternative recipes. These are amazing for your diet and you won’t be missing out anything.

Check them out, the most delicious 5 ab-friendly burgers you can grill:

Ultimate Spicy Tuna Burger

You can find the recipe here: Ultimate Spicy Tuna Burger

Tuna is a delicious meat with a dense beef-like texture and flavor. It’s super healthy with plenty of B-vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. It’s a great burger alternative. Simply mince the tuna with a knife and serve with lettuce, tomato, and red-pepper mayo. Serve on a fluffy brioche bun.

Turkey Burger

You can find the recipe here: Turkey Burger

If you want to avoid a dry turkey burger, don’t cook it too long. For added flavor and texture, add grilled onions. For richness, add tomato. You can top it with coleslaw or avocado.

Chicken Burger

You can find the recipe here: Chicken Burger

Lean chicken burgers make a delicious and mellow backdrop for the assorted salad like toppings, such as tomato and avocado. But because chicken burgers need to be fully cooked, thinner West Coast–style patties are ideal. When you’re grilling, make sure the outside doesn’t dry out before the middle cooks through.

The pork and shrimp “Dim Sum” burger

You can find the recipe here: The pork and shrimp “Dim Sum” burger

This luscious burger merges health with huge flavor using low-cal, high-protein shrimp and relatively lean pork. Make slider-size and tuck into Chinese steamed buns, or use pillowy potato-flour rolls for a similarly light texture.

The meatiest vegan burger

You can find the recipe here: The meatiest vegan burger

With the earthiness of black beans, the sweetness of sautéed vegetables, and a textural “pop” courtesy of quinoa—a high-protein grain that contains all nine essential amino acids—all on a classic hamburger bun, this vegan burger is a far cry from those frozen hockey pucks called garden burgers.

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