5 Easy Morning Workouts To Start Your Day With Plenty Of Energy

If you are not a morning person or often feel lazy to start any fitness workout, walking, running to keep yourself active. Then it’s really for you.

Being lazy doesn’t mean, you ignore the task. But, just delayed it to find out one of the easiest solutions to every problem, as told by Bill Gates. And, that’s absolutely true in fitness too!!

You don’t need to sweat in the gym, by doing hard dumbbell workout to keep yourself fit and healthy. It’s nothing like you need to move through difficult levels to do something worthy and important, but instead, you can also opt easy solutions.

So, start your day with some easy morning workouts that you can actually do in you bedroom or living room.

1. Jumping Jacks

Image Credits: Jumping Jacks

This exercise is whole body workouts and a complete package of happiness (mood enhancers). Apart from warmup, it also helps to improve stamina, relieves stress, aids weight loss, tone up muscles, strengthens your core, hips, shoulders, and legs.

How to do:

Stand straight with your feet together and hands on sides.
While jumping, raise your arms above your head and spread your feet out wide.
Without pausing, quickly reverse the movements and repeat it continuously.
Start by doing 10 jumping jacks.

2. Simple Squats

Image Credits: Simple Squats

How to do:

Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart and toes pointing outward.
Keep your abs contract and torso upright as you bend your knees and lower your hips down as low as you can.
Now, quickly push yourself back up to the starting standing position.
Repeat, and continue moving your body up and down with control.
Practice at least 10-15 reps initially.

3. Abs Crunches

Image Credits: Abs Crunches

How to do:

Lie down straight on your back with knees bent and heels only a few inches from your buttocks.
Keep your hands on head to support the pose.
While exhaling, bring your shoulders blade off the floor until you feel an intense pressure in abdominal muscles.
Make sure to keep your waist stay on the floor. Lift your core and shoulder slightly.
Hold the position for few seconds and slowly bring it back to the starting position.
Repeat 10-15 abs crunch initially and then increase gradually with developing endurance and strength.

4. Lunges

Image Credits: Lunges

How to do:

Begin with keeping your body straight, shoulder back, chest lifted and chin ups.
Contract your abs and take a big step forward, and lower down your hips until your knees bent at 90 degrees.
Make sure not to place your foot very far from you.
Return to starting position and practice with opposite leg.
Repeat 10-15 lunges reps. with each leg.

5. Stretching Inchworm

Image Credits: Stretching Inchworm

How to do:

Stand straight with feet hips width apart, and arms by your sides.
Now take a deep breath, and raise your arms over your head to stretch them more. Make sure your chest should feel lifted at that time.
Exhale and slowly fold forward, opening your arms out to your sides and then keep them on the floor (bend knees while pressing your palms on the floor).
Walk slowly with your hands and shift your weight forward, bringing shoulder over hands and lowering your torso into full plank position. Keep your abs tight and hold for 1 count.
Now gently release your hips to the floor and come in the cobra position by lifting your head and chest upward.
Keep your abdomens tights and use it to lift your hips back to into full plank position. Hold for 1 count and roll up slowly back with your hands and feet to the return starting position.
Practice 5-10 reps each morning.

Image Credits: Fabletics

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