5 Highly-Effective Exercises To Eliminate Arm Fat

Lean, toned and defined arms are what dreams are made of.

Aging can be a reason for arm fat in men and women. Decreased metabolism due to growing age can cause more of arm fat. As metabolism reduces with growing age, body burns only fewer calories and this in turn leads to arm fat.

One of the best ways to lose arm fat can be exercising. Read on to find out the best exercises to eliminate that arm fat and get arms even supermodels would be proud of!

Arm Scissors Exercise

This is a relatively simple exercise that can be performed by anyone. Just stand up straight and put your arms stretched in front of you. Begin by approaching them until their form a V, and then get one hand underneath the other until you get an X.

Go back the initial position and repeat the movement, switching the hand that goes underneath. Repeat this exercise for 20 times and do such as often as you can.

Arm Rotation Exercise

– Stand or sit comfortably and then stretch both your arms to the sides.
– Keep your arms straight and parallel to the ground.
– Now, rotate your arms clockwise at first and then anti-clockwise.
– Do this for at least 20 times for best results.


– Like a push-up, you will need to position your body horizontal to the ground, but keep your body in this position for 30 seconds or more to work your arms.
– Make sure your wrists are directly under your shoulders and your back is in a straight line.

Tricep Swing

– Get a chair or table and slightly bend your upper body 30° to the ground, using your left hand as support.
– You should have a dumbbell in your right hand curled up.
– Slowly straighten your right hand with the dumbbell way beyond your back as much as possible and hold the position for 1 second.
– Now move your right hand back into the original position and repeat.
– Do the required number of sets and reps as listed on the calendar below.

Lateral Plank Walk

– Lie straight on the floor on the stomach. Take the same position that you take in plank keeping the hands at the distance of shoulder width.
– Your legs and feet should be joined together.
– The fingers should point outwards.
– Keep your body in a straight line.
– Keep the right hand on your left and move the left foot towards left.
– Now, perform the same move with the left hand and the right foot.
– Now, get back to the starting position.
– Pull the abs towards the spine and pelvis.
– Now reverse your direction and take three steps to your right.

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