5 Sneaky Exercises To Do While Sitting In Front Of Your Computer

Sitting in front of your computer from 9-5 is quite exhausting and painful. You can face with a lot of pains such as back pain, headaches, tight shoulders, and so on.

Even if you start your day with good intentions, to eat healthy, exercise and to enjoy everything that pops up your way, well, sometimes nothing goes the way you plan. And at the end of the day your energy is low, and you realize that a horrible back pain won’t let you move.

So, for those workaholics, I suggest to introduce in your daily routine the next exercises to relieve pain and, why not, to get rid of it! The great news is that you can actually do these exercises while sitting on your desk chair, and if your boss doesn’t agree, you can sneak for a few minutes because it won’t take long.

1. Seated Jacks

Image Credits: Seated Jacks

– Sit straight with your knees together.
– Join your knees and keep your toes pointed.
– Your elbows should be bent and your arms open to the sides.
– Your palms should face forward.
– Take both legs out to the sides and flex your feet.
– Let your legs land on the heel and bring your arms together above your head, just like a normal jumping jack.
– Now begin returning to the starting position.
– Perform 25-30 reps in a row.

2. Skater Switch

Image Credits: Skater Switch

– Move to the edge of your chair.
-Bend your right knee out to the side and extend your left leg out to the other side.
– Keep your toes pointed.
– Begin extending your arms and leaning forward.
– Try and reach the inside of your right foot with your left arm.
– Immediately, switch over and do the same with the right arm and the left foot.
– Rest and repeat.
– Perform 25-30 alternating reps.

3. Leg Lift And Twist

Image Credits: Leg Lift And Twist

– Sit on the edge of the chair.
– Begin extending your right leg straight. Remember to keep your foot grounded throughout.
– Cross your arms over your chest and brace your abs tight.
– Rotate your torso to the right as you lift your right leg to the left knee.
– Squeeze your knees together and begin returning to the starting position.
– Switch sides and repeat.
– Perform around 15-25 reps.

4. Hinge And Cross

Image Credits: Hinge And Cross

– Sit straight with your knees together.
– Keep your toes pointed and lift your hands and bring them behind your head.
– Bracing your abs, hinge back a bit so that your shoulder blades barely touch the chair’s back.
– Cross your right elbow and your left knee.
– Begin returning to the starting position.
– Switch sides and repeat.
– Perform 20 alternating reps.

5. Chair Running

Image Credits: Chair Running

– Sit straight and extend your legs.
– Keep your toes pointed and your arms bent at the sides.
– Brace your abs tight and let your shoulder blades touch the back of the chair lightly.
– Begin bending your right knee into your chest and turn your left shoulder towards your knee.
– Pull your right elbow back and switch sides immediately.
– Alternate and do 25-30 quick repetitions.

Image Credits: Elitedaily

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