7 Effective Sprint Workouts To Burn Calories Fast

The most effective workout to burn calories fast is the sprint training. A sprint workout uses only your biggest and most powerful muscles which means that you will get quick and short bursts of training to melt the calories instantly.

The fact that I like most about these sprint workouts is that you can get it done without any equipment. Thus, you will see how easy these are to incorporate into your routine or schedule. Because we know how fast time runs out. What if we can keep the pace?

Make sure you warm up first and then complete these sprint workouts outside.

1. Quick HIIT Sprint

Image Credits: Quick HIIT Sprint

This sprint workout is perfect for when you need to burn up calories fast. Thus, after you make a little bit of warm-up, sprint for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of jogging or rest. You should aim for eight repetitions of this cycle so the workout is really effective.

2. Sprint Ladder

Image Credits: Sprint Ladder

This sprint workout consists of 10 seconds sprinting with 10 seconds rest. Of course, you could work your way up to even 30 or 40 seconds cycle. Either way, you should also aim to complete about 6 repetitions.

3. Basic Sprint Intervals

Image Credits: Basic Sprint Intervals

Sometimes a basic sprint interval will go a long way. This sprint workout consists of 30 seconds, followed by 90 seconds of relatively easy jogging. After your 90 seconds, start back up again into a 30-second sprint. Repeat this interval sequence eight times.

4. Three sets of 120-second Sprint Workout

Image Credits: Three x 120-Second Sprint Workout

Sprint training is most effective if you mix up your rest and interval lengths. This workout consists of shorter sprints that come in three repetitions of 120-second sprints.

5. Complete 10 sets of 100-meter Sprint Training

Image Credits: 10 sets of 100-meter Sprint Training

These shorter sprints should be performed on ten 100-meter sprints, with 30 seconds to one minute of rest in between.

6. Hill Sprints

Image Credits: Hill Sprints

Sprint on a hill for 45 seconds before resting or jogging it out for one minute. Sprint for 30 seconds on the incline and again, then rest or jog for one minute. Alternate between 45-second and 30-second sprints, with one-minute rest breaks in between each one. Try to go for 10 intervals, starting with 5 in the beginning.

7. Sprint And Push-Up Complex

Image Credits: Sprint And Push-Up Complex

Sprint for 20 seconds, stop, drop and complete 10 push-ups. Take a 15-second breather before repeating this same sequence. Aim to complete five to seven rounds of this sprint and push-up duo workout.

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