7 Equipment-Free Travel Exercises You Can Do At Home

When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, consistency is key. And while travel workouts are obviously great if you can fit them in, don’t stress about taking a few days off.

However, there are so many benefits to breaking a sweat that is worth setting aside some time to train while travelling, including more energy and improved mood. That’s why we rounded up some of our top equipment-free, minimal-space travel workouts to help you make it happen no matter where you are.

So whether you’re on the road for work, fun, or visiting family, here are seven travel-friendly exercises you can try.

1. Mountain Climber Twists

Image Credits: Mountain Climber Twists

Start in high plank with your wrists directly under shoulders.
Bring right knee under the torso and toward left elbow.
Now bring your right foot back to starting position while you repeat with the opposite foot.
That’s 1 rep, do 5.

2. Single-Leg Glute Bridge

Image Credits: Single-Leg Glute Bridge

Lie on back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
Lift left leg straight out and squeeze glutes, driving hips up.
Keep your leg lifted and lower your hips back down. Do 12 to 15 reps on each side.

3. Mock Jumping Rope

Image Credits: Mock Jumping Rope

Jump rope without the actual rope by jumping up and down landing on the balls of your feet and rotating your wrists as if you’re turning a rope.
Since you don’t have to worry about timing, the goal here is to do as many mini jumps as possible in the allotted time.

4. Alternating Standing Oblique Crunches

Image Credits: Alternating Standing Oblique Crunches

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and hands behind your head and elbows wide.
Lift your left knee toward your left elbow while you bend your torso up and over to the left.
Bring your left foot back to standing and repeat on the other side, lifting your right knee towards your right elbow.
Continue for two minutes, alternating sides with each rep.

5. Plié Squat pulses With One Foot Raised

Image Credits: Plié Squat pulses With One Foot Raised

Stand in a wide squat position with your feet about two to three feet apart and toes pointing out.
Come on to the ball of your left foot. Keep your back straight and abs tight and bend knees a few inches. Bring your butt straight down, don’t hinge back like you do in a regular squat.
Press your knees out slightly as you lower. Continue to pulse up and down, then straight legs to return to standing.
Continue for 30 seconds, then repeat on the opposite side.

6. Downward Dog Twist

Image Credits: Downward Dog Twist

Start with a shorter than normal downward dog pose.
Unweight the right hand, reach it underneath and to the outside of your left leg.
It can be anywhere above or below the knee joint.
Make sure the hips are staying square.
Facilitate the twist by pulling the belly tight to the spine.
Feel the support from the left hand by keeping a good amount of weight in the palm.
Let that press move the shoulder onto the back body.
Take the gaze under the left side of the body, deepening the twist.
Hold for 30 seconds.

7. Wall Sit

Image Credits: Wall Sit

Stand with your back against a wall, placing your feet about two feet in front of you. Feet should be hip-distance apart.
Bending your knees, slide your back down the wall until your knees are at 90-degree angles.
Your knee joints should be over your ankle joints.
Don’t let your knees fall into the mid-line of your body or sway outward.
Hold for 30 to 60 seconds, then stand up.
Repeat for a total of three reps.

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