7 Safe Prenatal Yoga Postures For Normal Delivery

Pregnancy is a blessing, but delivering the baby is excruciatingly painful. Stepping into labor you will experience contractions of uterus, pressure and groin cramps. And for these particular reasons many future-to-be mothers choose the C-section, without thinking that over time it has side effects and it can ruin both mom and baby life. And I want to mention that C-section is the first step for postpartum depression!

But, if you practice yoga during pregnancy you will enjoy a pleasant labor (of course there will be pain but not so intense), making delivery the most memorable experience in your entire life.

Prenatal yoga is the part of yoga where you will deal with specific yoga asanas that you can safely perform during pregnancy.

Twisted Pose

Image Credits: Twisted Pose

The yoga posture strengthens the spine, neck, hands and legs and gently massages the abdominal organs to facilitate a normal delivery.

Angle Pose

Image Credits: Angle Pose

The posture stretches the spinal cord and the sides of the body. It helps in toning the arms, legs, and the abdominal organs. Expectant mothers suffering from constipation and sciatica pain can get relief by practicing this asana.

Chair Pose

Image Credits: Chair Pose

The pose helps in stretching the chest muscles, spine, and hips. It strengthens the lower back and torso. The yoga posture helps to attain mental strength as well as physical balance and helps to prepare the mother’s body for labor.

Ham’s Pose With One Leg

Image Credits: Ham’s Pose With One Leg

The yoga posture strengthens the thighs, abdominal and pelvic muscles and eases normal delivery. It stretches the respiratory diaphragmimproves breathing and fights fatigue.

Butterfly Pose

Image Credits: Butterfly Pose

The asana strengthens the inner thighs, makes the hips more flexible and improves blood circulation in the pelvic region. Practicing the pose on a regular basis can facilitate a smooth labor.

Mountain Pose

Image Credits: Mountain Pose

By stretching the muscles of the abdomen, arms and back, the pose helps to relieve severe back pain.

Stick Pose

Image Credits: Stick Pose

The simple pose helps relax the tense abdominal and pelvic muscles. It helps the body prepare better for normal delivery as it also helps you beat fatigue and stress.

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