9 Exquisite Cardio Exercises For Bad Knee

If those achy joints are disturbing you from practicing sports, especially your cardio routine, then you should take a special care of them.

Bad knees are the most aching disorder from all the joints pain, but this doesn’t have to stop you from doing your cardio routine. There are some easy exercises that you can do without putting too much strain on your joints.

You still can practice some special designed cardio exercises even if your ankle or knee suffered an injury.

The following exercises will help you to develop core strength, and to strength the muscle around the aching joint. So, you should give it a try.

1. Scissor Kick

Image Credits: Scissor Kick

– Start by lying flat on the ground with your legs together. Your arms should be placed on the sides.
– Keeping your forearms on the ground, lift your legs (about six inches) and shoulders (about one inch).
– Stay in that position. Now spread your legs apart, bring them back towards each other. After this, cross one leg over another.
– This completes one rep. You can begin by doing sets of 50 reps. While performing the exercise, ensure your legs and shoulders are not touching the floor.

2. Swimming With A Buoy

Image Credits: Swimming With A Buoy

Swimming offers better and a variety of options to make your heart pump faster. Some of the suggested options include:

– Putting a buoy in between your leg and squeezing it tightly so that the upper body is stretched.
– Holding the kickboard in the front so that only the lower half keeps on working.

3. Rowing Machine

Image Credits: Rowing Machine

One of the most under-utilized cardio equipment is the rowing machine. Everyone is mostly interested in a complete body workout, whereas rowing machine is especially dedicated to the upper body. It is a great exercise for toning up arms, shoulders, and a better option when your legs or joints are hurting. The legs provide a low-impact support when you are performing the rowing action. So, the lower limbs also get to move and exercise, albeit without putting any strain on the joints.

4. Circuit Weight Training

Image Credits: Circuit Weight Training

– The circuit weight training involves lifting lighter weights as compared to the regular weight training exercises.
– Alternating the muscle-group exercises with the reps can enhance the cardio effect of this routine.
– You can alternate a back move with a bicep move and carry the same rep for around 40 to 45 minutes or until your body can permit.
– You can also include bench presses, core exercises, push-ups and curls to keep variety in your workout and ensure the safety of your ankles and knees.

5. Elliptical

Image Credits: Elliptical

Elliptical is nothing but a low impact cardio for bad knees that is almost similar to running. While performing the exercise, you need to make use of both the legs and the arms for power. However, it does not put a strain on your ankle and knee joints and hence can be safely performed even with a burning knee.

6. Yoga And Pilates

Image Credits: Yoga And Pilates

Lately, you come across different forms of yoga including regular yoga, Ashtanga yoga, power yoga and a lot more. However, few of the yogic postures are extremely helpful in developing core and upper body strength. Alternating these and other relaxing yoga forms with Pilates routines can help you reach the desired level of cardiovascular activity. You will find a wide range of yoga and Pilates DVDs that will help you to develop your own combination of workout routine. A grouping of these two will keep your heart pumping and improve your body’s flexibility.

7. Biking

Image Credits: Biking

Biking can be performed outdoors as well as indoors. It is indeed a challenging workout, but it does not put much strain on your ankles or knees. Many doctors even recommend cycling occasionally to retain the flexibility of the joints and to reduce pain in the knees. Depending upon your strength, you can use a stationary bike or even climb a small hill for increasing heart rate.

8. Kayaking

Image Credits: Kayaking

Anyone can do this exercise. However, you need to be lucky enough to be staying near a lake or an ocean. You will get kayaks on rents around the seashores and the lakesides, and can perform the kick-butt workouts to burn calories and pump your heart without putting any pressure or stress on your knees or ankles. It can be a great cardio workout choice for those who are holidaying around the water shores and missing their exercise routine.

9. Climbing The Rock

Image Credits: Climbing The Rock

If you are trained in rock climbing, you can certainly include this activity as a part of your cardio workout. However, if you have not done it before, you should get some training from the nearby rock-climbing center. The trainers will introduce you to the uses of different rock climbing gears so that you can climb the rock safely without hurting yourself. Rock climbing requires the use of arms and legs and hence makes both the upper and lower limbs strong.

Image Credits: Metrodetroitmommy

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