At-Home Yoga Posture To Relieve That Terrible Leg Muscle Pain

Are you having leg pain at the end of the day? Well, welcome to my club, because I used to “crawl” my way back home from work. And, as everyone in pain, I was taking pain killers to relieve those sore muscles.

And that was the most stupid think I could do because the side-effects of pain killers soon appeared. So, I tried natural remedies such as standing with my feet in hot salty water, but sometimes wasn’t enough! And I start bragging about my problem at work, and a friend recommended a yoga program to relieve my sore leg muscles.

I have to confess that I don’t do this yoga postures daily (they have daily recommendation), but three times a week works like magic for me. Not to mentions that yoga will give you permanent relief not only for your legs but for other parts of your body also.

The Zen Posture

Image Credits: The Zen Posture

Sit down on the floor cross-legged.
Place your hands on the thighs or close to the abdomen.
Ensure the back and head remain erect and straight.
You need to be in this posture for some time and then try breathing in a relaxed manner.
This yoga pose helps facilitate blood circulation in the legs and thus diminishes muscle cramps gradually.

Shoulder Stand Posture

Image Credits: Shoulder Stand Posture

Lie in a relaxed supine position.
Then bring the legs together, palms of the hands on the floor beside the body.
Raise the legs, bringing them a little behind the head, so that the back rises, and support the back with the hands.
Raise the legs in the air, feet towards the ceiling.
Support the lower back with the hands, keeping the elbows behind on the floor.
The hands can be adjusted so that you are steady, elbows can come towards each other.
Keep neck long.
Concentrate on the throat centre.

The Corpse Pose

Image Credits: The Corpse Pose

Lie on your back with your knees bent.
Keep your head centered, not allowing it to fall to either side.
Extend your arms to the sides.

The Sphinx Pose

Image Credits: The Sphinx Pose

You need to lie down on your stomach. Ensure the elbows are resting under the shoulders.
Now, put pressure on the palms that are stretched forward, and also on the upper part of the feet.
Raise the head upwards and keep breathing.
Be in this position for some time and lie down again.

Legs Up The Wall

Image Credits: Legs Up The Wall

Lie on the floor, with your buttocks touching the base of the wall.
Position your legs upwards so that they are perpendicular to the floor.
Stretch your arms sideward or upwards (depending on your comfort).
This posture relaxes the lower back and leg muscles.

Image Credits: Womenshealthmag

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