Gentle At-Home Stretches To Relieve A Bad Knee Pain

Anyone who has knee pain knows how terrible it is because it interferes with all your day-by-day activities, making your life a bit harder. Experiencing such pain is best to see a physical therapist to see the cause of it.

Most of the times knee pain is caused by weak or tight muscles and tendons around the knee, and the best way to exterminate this pain is to exercise. You may not be in the mood because it may hurt a bit, but some easy exercises that won’t put so much pressure on your knees are welcomed! Remember: pain is pleasure! It may hurt a bit, at the beginning, but you have to know that after a few minutes the pain will slowly fade and you will feel much better.

And the following stretches target the hips and other important muscles that support your knees, and it will protect your knees for any other injury!

Leg raise (lying)

Image Credits: Leg raise

Lie flat on your back on the floor or bed with your arms at your sides, toes up.
Keep your leg straight while tightening your leg muscles, and slowly lift it several inches.
Tighten your stomach muscles to push your lower back down.
Hold and count to 5, then lower your leg as slowly as possible.
Repeat, then switch to the other leg.

Hamstring stretch (lying)

Image Credits: Hamstring stretch

Lie on the floor or bed with both legs bent.
Slowly lift one leg, still bent, and bring your knee back toward your chest.
Link your hands behind your thigh, not your knee, and straighten your leg.
Pull your straight leg back toward your head until you feel the stretch.
Hold for 30 to 60 seconds, then slowly bend your knee and lower your leg back to the floor.


Image Credits: Half-squat

Stand with your feet shoulder-distance apart and stretch your arms out in front of you.
Slowly bend your knees until you’re in a half-sitting position. Hold on to a chair for balance, if necessary.
Keep your back straight and chest lifted — don’t lean forward.
With your feet flat on the floor, hold the position for 5 seconds, then slowly stand back up.

One-leg dip

Image Credits: One-leg dip

Stand between two chairs and hold on to them for balance.
Lift one leg about 12 inches and hold it out in front of you.
Slowly, keeping your back straight, bend the other leg and lower your body a few inches, as if you were about to sit in a chair. Don’t cross the lifted leg in front of the bent leg.
Hold for 5 seconds and straighten back up.
Repeat and switch legs.

Leg stretch

Image Credits: Leg stretch

Sit on the floor with both legs out straight. Stabilize yourself with your hands on either side of your hips, and keep your back straight.
Slowly bend one knee until it feels stretched, but not until it becomes painful.
Hold your leg in that position for 5 seconds, then slowly straighten your leg out as far as you can, again holding for 5 seconds.

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