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Take my back, literally! Just take all the fat from my back and throw it all away if it’s possible!
The first thing in getting rid of back fat is to change your diet. Healthy food is the main factor in getting rid of fat. But, a healthy diet combined with some exercises will get you rid of back fat for good! And this is not all! Trying a set of exercises for back fat will also work your muscles making them firmer, and it will get you rid of back pain! Well, how does it sound?

Remember: before performing any exercise you should warm up for 10 minutes, in order to avoid any other complication.

Bent Over Row

Image Credits: Bent Over Row

Lean forward and bend both knees, remembering to keep a flat back.
Extend your arms so they are straight. Lift the dumbbells straight up to chest level, squeezing your shoulder blades together as you do. Be sure to keep your elbows in and pointed upward. Don’t arch your back.
Slowly lower the weights back to the starting position to complete one rep.
Complete two to three sets of 10 to 12 reps.

One Arm Dumbbell Row

Image Credits: One Arm Dumbbell Row

One knee and hand are on the bench while your other foot is on the floor with your knee bent slightly.
Stick your chest out and keep your back flat. Keep your head up.
Grasp the dumbbell with your free hand with palms facing in. Reach forward extended slightly.
Bring the weight up keeping your elbow close to your side.
Hold and contract for 1-2 seconds, then release back to starting position.

Bent Over Rear Delt Raises

Image Credits: Bent Over Rear Delt Raises

The motion here is the same as the standing version, but when you do it seated, it’s much more difficult to cheat, so this move is harder than when standing.
You typically have to use less weight because you’re unable to generate as much momentum through the lower body.

Wide Grip Lat Pulldown

Image Credits: Wide Grip Lat Pulldown

Grab the bent part of the overhead wide bar attached to the pulley on the lat pulldown machine. Pull it down and sit facing the machine, with the knees underneath the pads, spine straight, chest out, shoulders rolled back, core engaged, and feet flat on the ground.
Lean slightly backward and pull the rod down with your elbows flexing and moving first down and then back until the rod almost touches your upper chest.
Release the rod slowly until your hands are fully extended up.

Underhand Cable Pulldown

Image Credits: Underhand Cable Pulldown

Sit down facing the lat machine with an overhead wide bar attached to the pulley. Your hands must be closer than shoulder-width distance apart and the palms facing you.
Hold the bar and adjust the knee pads so that they are just above your knees. Keep your feet flat on the ground, and hands fully extended overhead.
Lean back a little and push your chest out.
Breathe out and pull the bar down until it almost touches your upper chest. Bring your shoulders and elbows back.
Breathe in and slowly release the bar back to the starting position (where your arms were fully extended overhead).

Lying Lat Pullover

Image Credits: Lying Lat Pullover

Using a flat, secure bench, lie with your feet on the bench.
Gripping one end of a dumbbell, extend your arms directly over your chest.
Brace your core and draw your belly button towards your spine to keep a slight curve in your lower back.
Keeping arms straight, slowly arc the dumbbell over your head until your arms are next to your ears.
With shoulders anchored, press the weight back to the starting position. That’s one rep; complete 15.

Seated Cable Row

Image Credits: Seated Cable Row

Adjust the weight to suit what you can do. If in doubt, start light and work your way up.
Once you are sitting back so your knees are slightly bent, lean over (don’t hunch) and grab the handle.
Pull back on the handle and sit up so your back is at a 90 degree angle to the seat/your legs. You will now be in the starting position for seated cable rows.
Without moving your torso and while exhaling, pull the handle towards yourself (be sure to keep your arms close to your sides). As you pull, squeeze your back muscles.
Pull the handle towards yourself until it touches your torso. Hold for a few seconds, and return to the starting position while breathing in.

Bent Over Barbell Row

Image Credits: Bent Over Barbell Row

Holding a barbell with a pronated grip (palms facing down), bend your knees slightly and bring your torso forward, by bending at the waist, while keeping the back straight until it is almost parallel to the floor. Tip: Make sure that you keep the head up. The barbell should hang directly in front of you as your arms hang perpendicular to the floor and your torso. This is your starting position.
Now, while keeping the torso stationary, breathe out and lift the barbell to you. Keep the elbows close to the body and only use the forearms to hold the weight. At the top contracted position, squeeze the back muscles and hold for a brief pause.
Then inhale and slowly lower the barbell back to the starting position.
Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions.

Inverted Row

Image Credits: Inverted Row

You need a squat rack with a bar set at half your height. Make sure that the bar is not moving around.
Hold the bar with a close grip with the palms facing out, legs extended, feet flat on the ground, and hands fully extended.
Exhale and pull your body up. Inhale and go back down.

Reverse Fly

Image Credits: Reverse Fly

Grab a light dumbbell in each hand and get into a bent over position.
Move your hands away from each other till they reach the shoulder level. Squeeze your shoulder blades together.
Lower your hands back to the starting position.

Bench Dumbbell Pullover

Image Credits: Bench Dumbbell Pullover

Hold a single dumbbell near your chest, Lie down on a bench with your shoulders near the end of the bench. Your head should be off the bench.
Grasp the dumbbell with both hands, and lift it up. Your arms should have a slight bend to them at the starting position.
Slowly lower the dumbbell back over your head towards the floor, keep your elbows slightly bent throughout the movement. Remember, all muscles should be totally stretched as the weight approaches the floor. The back should have a maximum arch when the weight is lowered to this position.
Slowly raise the dumbbell to above your chest to the starting position.

Superman Pose

Image Credits: Superman Pose

Lie down on your stomach on a mat. Keep your feet and arms spread out.
Lift your right arm up, followed by your left leg. Simultaneously, lift your head three inches off the ground. Keep your abs and glutes squeezed in.
Hold this for 3 seconds. Release by bringing your head, arm, and leg down.
Switch to the other side. Along with your head, lift your left arm and right leg this time.

Bird Dog Crunches

Image Credits: Bird Dog Crunches

Get on your hands and knees on the floor in a quadruped or ‘dog’ position.
Take your right arm straight out and extend your left leg straight behind you.
Do a crunch by bringing your knee and elbow to meet each other.
Extend them back to the starting position and then repeat.

Dumbbell Shoulder Shrugs

Image Credits: Dumbbell Shoulder Shrugs

Stand with your feet wide open. Keep your arms by your sides.
Lift a five-pound dumbbell in each hand. Keep your palms pointed towards each other.
Shrug your shoulders toward your ears while holding the dumbbells.
Hold the shrug for three counts and lower your shoulders.

Cat-Cow Pose

Image Credits: Cat-Cow Pose

Position yourself on a yoga mat with your hands and knees touching it.
Lift your head up while inhaling slowly. At the same time, arch your back in a concave shape.
Exhale slowly, contract your abs, bring your head down, and round your back.

Image Credits: Stylecraze

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