Yoga Postures To Reduce PMS Symptoms And To Get Rid Of Abdominal Cramps

Even if it’s something most of women don’t talk about, but period cramps and mood changes is something we have to deal every freaking month. One particular week during the month makes us feel miserable because cramps, bloating, greasy hair, all those hormones are messing around with our body creating mood changes that we can barely face with.

If you want to reduce bloating and heavy bleeding during PMS, I have the perfect “medicine” for you – yoga! Practicing yoga it will relieve PMS symptoms and it will also get you rid of abdominal cramps.
So, the week before menstruation you can start performing the next yoga asanas to relieve any premenstrual symptoms instead of taking painkillers and wearing PJ’s all day long.

Seated twist

Image Credits: Seated twist

Sit with your right leg bent, tucking under the left thigh, and bend your left leg so your foot is flat on the floor. With your left hand placed flat behind you for support, place your right hand on your left knee and rotate your body to the left. Hold this for 5-10 breaths and repeat on the other side.

Important: Breathe deeply into your lower back and elongate your spine. For more intensity, hook your right elbow over your left knee.

Bow pose

Image Credits: Bow pose

Lying on your stomach, reach your arms behind you to grab hold of your ankles one at a time. As you inhale, move your rib cage forward and up and reach the back of your thighs toward the ceiling. Hold for 5-7 breaths. Release and repeat two or three times.

Important: You may find increased benefits by rocking forward and back to give your internal organs more of a massage. Also, watch that your legs don’t splay too far out. Draw your thighs toward each other energetically.


Image Credits: Cobra

– Start by lying prone on a nonskid mat. I like to place a folded blanket under my hipbones. Place your palms flat on the floor with your fingertips pointing forward and aligned with the tops of your shoulders. Lengthen your legs back and press your knees and feet into the ground. Draw the heads of your thighbones back into their sockets. As your upper body lifts, resist the temptation to push higher with your hands—remember that snakes don’t have hands.

– Lengthen the back of your neck, allowing your head and neck to follow the natural trajectory of the rest of your spine. It’s important not to throw your head back. Throwing your head back causes neck strain and causes your vital organs to collapse forward into your front body, which can strain your spinal muscles. Picture a dancing cobra and think of the wide hood that encases its head. Spread the back of your skull and neck like a cobra hood.

– If you know where your hyoid bone is—at the base of your throat, above the thyroid cartilage—draw your hyoid back into your throat. This will draw your internal organs back toward your spine, giving it frontal support.

– Try lifting your hands off the ground. Inhale deeply into your belly and back and exhale completely. Feel how your breath moves your body, kind of like a snake dance. Stay in the process of breathing—the buoyancy of each inhalation and the grounding of each exhalation. Take 5 to 10 deep breaths, relaxing your torso more deeply with each breath, so that it dances harmoniously with the natural oscillations of your breath movement. On an exhalation let your body come to rest on the floor. You can fold your arms over head if you like and rest your forehead in your hands. Continue to breathe deeply into the abdomen and low back as you rest.

Standing Forward Fold

Image Credits: Standing Forward Fold

With your feet grounded hip-distance apart, fold at the hips and reach your hands for your shins, ankles or floor. Allow your head and shoulders to relax and just breathe.

Important: By rotating your thighs inward so that your inner thighs reach toward the back of the room you’ll create more space in your pelvis.


Image Credits: Bridge

Lying on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, press down with your feet and lift your hips toward the sky. Your hands can be along your sides or clasped underneath you. Expand your chest as you breathe for 5-7 breaths.

Important: Continue to roll your shoulders under you to expand your chest even more. Especially helpful during times of PMS is to prop your hips on a bolster or block.

Image Credits: Helloglow

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