Yoga Shred: 5 Poses To Get Fit

If you’re athletic and flexible or experienced with other styles of yoga, take your practice up a notch with this dynamic style. Not only you will shred off your surplus weight but you will also feel more energetic and full of power. That is why this type of yoga is fitness-based, it will boost your energy in such manner you will get fit and in shape!

Fists of Fire Lunge

Watch the video here: Fists of Fire Lunge

Lightly place your hand on the wall or back of a chair for stability on the same side as your front leg;
Maintain your front knee over or behind your front heel at all times;
Step back as little or as far as you need to begin, and over time, work up to the full starting position;
Stepping closer is fine, just move quickly and decisively;
As you bring your back knee to your chest, use your psoas to pull your front pelvis and front spine into your body a bit so your hips don’t kick forward;
Press down into your front heel as you pull knee to chest.

Waving Salutations + Psoas Power Practice

Watch the video here: Waving Salutations + Psoas Power Practice

Experience how strong and opening the water element can be! Put your Psoas Power into practice on the mat with a mindful, flowing and whole-body strengthening Sun Salutation variation. Most of all, move faster than you would in yoga, but still be mindful of your alignment. You can always modify in the ways listed under each workout anytime you feel you’re overdoing it.

Side Plank Curls

Watch the video here: Side Plank Curls

This is a more advanced pose that super-tones your arms, shoulders, side abs and psoas. Modify it to a less challenging version by stepping your front foot halfway up the mat in front of you and pulling your top elbow down to that knee. You could also set your back knee and shin down to make this an even easier move. To take it up a notch, begin in a full Side Plank, with one foot placed just in front of the other one — your feet are not stacked. Make sure your bottom hand and shoulder are in proper alignment, and you don’t collapse into the joints.

Knees Down Diabloasana

Watch the video here: Knees Down Diabloasana

For this pose, maintain a Plank position and don’t let your shoulders or low back sag. Pull up your navel, abdominal wall and front spine to keep a long line and protect your joints. With your hands planted firmly and your feet separated a few inches, begin to turn your heels from side to side. Rest whenever you need, and if your wrists tend to get sore, roll up your mat or put a foam wedge or blanket edge at the front of your mat under your palms. Elevate the heels of your hands with your prop and keep your fingertips on the floor.

Go With the Flow + Power Up Your Psoas

Watch the video here: Knees Down Diabloasana

Discover what the Psoas can do for you. Revolutionize your flexibility, amplify your core strength, and protect your hip and low back from wear and tear.

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